March 12, 2009

Meghana "ink-heart" Shah

MEGHANA “Ink- heart” SHAH Copywriter by profession… Adventure Kida by heart… boy oh boy She does have loads of adventure in her, from Educational curriculum to by believes - Faithless I suppose!

The best thing about her is that she believes she tolerates people…good, bad, ugly… She is free of prejudices, She has hated everybody at some point of her life. A chatter Box and hates competitions in that area!! I know she thinks a lot… at any given point her mind is a garbage filled with clutter of thoughts vague ideas..bills, novels, stories, fashion… just about everything…Opps maybe even your company brief or my latest assignment. I sometimes wonder whether she talks even in her sleep. So next time if you don’t hear the 'noise', write or create new copy and story board…rest assured SHE IS DEAD!

Chirag "Art-Blotch" Kaku

CHIRAG “Art-Blotch” KAKU Artist by profession… Music aficionado by heart.
What do I say? The best thing about him is he breathes creativity.. be it from his work to his music & no denying his outlook though creepy to some funky to others; everything about him is innovative be it from a winning campaign ideas to the worlds saddest PJs. Oh plz plz someone tell him PJs don’t fall in the category of conversational skills!! Now lets see his creativity is - I did say different vibrant out of the box and sometimes I think even the most critical viewer can be his fan… if not for work then definitely for his humor how much ever it sucks. And secretly I believe he has more male following then female … WOW its an achievement when “your own” kind love you and your work and don’t want to choke you.
With people like him I believe that tools change ART remains!

looking for a new jam-room

*Article incomplete*

Jammin' with us / This is how we roll...

We call our self creative perverts…. Why?? Let me explain there are people who have excess of @#*&$# ..the distort types , the harmful ones

And then there are OUR Types who are simply over packed with creativity… bole toh overflowing one which will wet you, irritate you, anger you, … but definitely not ignorable. If you belong to this category of “snobbish humble”( snob as we know we are the best coolest gang to hang out with…n humble as we accept this fact) attitude join us!

You cannot ignore a change or a creative persuade… remember if God didn’t believe in creative variation trust be there would be ONE and not TEN commandments.

So let me take you on the roller coaster ride to creative jam… n ya plz do remember to squeeze in many to make room for…“If you are not living on the edge…you occupying too much space”
So now that you are here let me introduce you to the SELF RIGHTEOUS ONES


Trust me Loads of RESEARCH
Research to update our work, your brand…. be in par with world, Blah blah blah blah blah etc etc


After half an hour we automatically filter out advices, decorum … everything sounds Blah blah blah…. So if you really want our attention and us to give you a creative journey either be eccentric and courageous like us or you hold us at GUNPOINT (short range remember we are fast)!!

Steps to be creative the professional guide to NERDS

• The lights in the day/ noon / night sky or your desk.

• People PEOPLE people… observe them the good ones, the nasty ones, the shitty ones (the real People who do PDAS of their hygiene habits) the ugly ones, the sexy ones, the fuckables, the chicks, the cocks and whatever ones… in short all those show offs except you. Make them feel under the microscope! That will not give you any creative ideas but definitely make others feel that you are up to something and something REAL BIG!

• Statutory Warning : Under no circumstances what so ever watch yourself in the mirror or observe yourself…. As if you do so You might waste a lot of years in getting a PHD in Abstract Living Extraterrestrial Art (ALET) and trust me it’s a dead investment(self experience)

• Observe your neighbors kids, pets, wife, relatives, cars, toys, music system, ….. ( So next time you know when you are short of something which and where is the direct source to your necessities). Its called survival first aid kit.

And when you are done with the above… be humble and except that you are NOT CREATIVE and are a Huge waste… damn it Go take up an IT JOB!

And for all who enjoyed this well you are sarcastic, mean, ruthless, weird, eccentric, cracked up and CREATIVE

Lets be messiah and save this world from boredom… Join in to share your creative insights about anything music, art, literature……


them dorks, wanna come out...

Yupp we're now blogging...