August 13, 2009

Life Travelling !

“A man who does not travel reads only one page from the book of life”

“Home is where the heart is…”

Interesting thought… but why be so in-considerate for the one with a heart of gypsy and a mind of a philosopher

Ever considered how mind wanders…from one destination to other. Does such a mind have a choice / fixed ideals! I guess not

Sometimes we travel from one place to other. From one relation to other

Sometimes this journey is for destination… and at times, it is for the travel itself.

We grow, we move on…or at times we just want to travel to the periphery / circumference and return back to the core …the radius of our being.

Every one travels in their own manner. Some do it in search of themselves others in search for others. Its either soul travel or time travel… with all this what remains is simply the core of knowledge and the thin string that joins one to others. Time looses its essence but memories remain!

Let us today enliven every memory of every person who touched our core in some way or other. Good and bad are equal contributors to the person who we are today. So lets be thankful to everyone person who made our this journey into an Experience!

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