May 2, 2009

Digging my Identity !

Reflection is nothing but Illusions
Reflecting Souls ..... Illuring Sights
Refelective Actions....... Illusions of hopes
Reflective identities ...... Illusionary Beliefs
In Your Deepest Identity.... You are nothing but GOD !

Ever wondered to dwell deep inside search- a search of unknown to set you free!
Well here's a glimpse...the bible says there is god in all of us... If so then why would we be compelled to search outside. If there is heaven and there is hell... what are we doing in this between ???
Illusions Illusions Illusions
Illusions of hurt, illusions of love....illusions of happiness... n fear.... Life they say is a series of experiences ... its just our perspective which changes and distinguishes between them... There is no heaven no hell... just a mind at work...its our interpretations to life at that given moment that differentiates good from bad.
How ironic our thoughts can be... In context of love, sarcasm induces humor.... In context with ego, sarcasm induces hurt !!!
If we are sooo hurt with divisions in society and life in general.... what a paradox when we ourselves separate our heart from mind ...and our feelings from thoughts. Problems start when we have to choose between our heart and mind.... And we talk about alertness and practice Yoga, Thai Chi..... What should we be called... Do we have a personality disorder (Split Personality)... We say god resides within us... Then tell me soo can there be room enough !!!

I believe I am...
I shall be because I want to...
Here I say "May we LIVE everyday of OUR Life"

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