February 12, 2010

REVOLUTION . (Permanent pause)

The dictionary defines this term as
revolution - a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving; "the industrial revolution was also a cultural revolution"

Ever perceived deep in this ideology !! I guess not, because we the people are so governed and control by the pre- set methodology that even such a strong theory is nothing but mere lingo or word to us.

When we call for change of action; that leaves us doing nothing but changing the path 'A' to path 'B'.
At this juncture, I question my self does mere change of path or course change my destiny or motive or goal. Then should such a change be termed as growth or creative ideation.

I believe what needs to be changed is our mind which is set inside a box of ideas .... and as expected a BOX is always a piece of rectangle or square.... and yet yes we think out of the cubicle!!!

They say genius is what genius does !!! BUT GENIUS NEVER SAID FOLLOW ME !!! Genius is the difference one creates out of the ordinary and not merely improving the path of ordinary... What needs to be changed is belief and expectations out of expertise .... Change the level to reach new destinies and Life becomes a creative revolution!!!

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