July 10, 2010

Queen of Hearts

High she sits
Upon her throne
The queen of hearts
So much alone.
Without her King
To rule together
Voiceless tears
Cascade forever.

The Jack of spades
Will make his play
And slowly, surely
Fade away.

Once so very long ago
A second Queen
The first did know.
Her diamond-dusted
Was washed away
No more the bliss.

The foolish King
Of clubs did rule
Along her side
But was a fool.
A Joker quickly
was revealed
His shaky throne
He had to yield.

So still she sits
And waits for he
Wouldst rule beside her

The King of Hearts
Has lost his way
The queen awaits
--kingdom decays.

Two hearts were shuffled
Two lives undone
And still she waits
For King to come.

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