March 12, 2009

Chirag "Art-Blotch" Kaku

CHIRAG “Art-Blotch” KAKU Artist by profession… Music aficionado by heart.
What do I say? The best thing about him is he breathes creativity.. be it from his work to his music & no denying his outlook though creepy to some funky to others; everything about him is innovative be it from a winning campaign ideas to the worlds saddest PJs. Oh plz plz someone tell him PJs don’t fall in the category of conversational skills!! Now lets see his creativity is - I did say different vibrant out of the box and sometimes I think even the most critical viewer can be his fan… if not for work then definitely for his humor how much ever it sucks. And secretly I believe he has more male following then female … WOW its an achievement when “your own” kind love you and your work and don’t want to choke you.
With people like him I believe that tools change ART remains!

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