March 12, 2009

Meghana "ink-heart" Shah

MEGHANA “Ink- heart” SHAH Copywriter by profession… Adventure Kida by heart… boy oh boy She does have loads of adventure in her, from Educational curriculum to by believes - Faithless I suppose!

The best thing about her is that she believes she tolerates people…good, bad, ugly… She is free of prejudices, She has hated everybody at some point of her life. A chatter Box and hates competitions in that area!! I know she thinks a lot… at any given point her mind is a garbage filled with clutter of thoughts vague ideas..bills, novels, stories, fashion… just about everything…Opps maybe even your company brief or my latest assignment. I sometimes wonder whether she talks even in her sleep. So next time if you don’t hear the 'noise', write or create new copy and story board…rest assured SHE IS DEAD!

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